Try Me

Try Me are the embodiment of Disco-punk, whose witty lyricism and high energy grooves have sent their popularity skyrocketing whilst still in the early stages of their career. Assuming their alter egos ‘Hector Boogie Man’ and ‘Bendy Wendy‘, Miles Hutchinson and Molly Vivian have produced a series of tracks that stand out from the crowd. Try Me captures the spirit of The B-52’s and Confidence Man, confronting dark social issues with a light-hearted irony incorporating wacky dance moves and infectious vocals. 

The duo burst onto the Bristol live scene in September of 2019, making their mark supporting Lynx Africa and headlining legendary Bristol venue The Fleece, all within five months of forming. Their single ‘My New Look’  landed them a feature on BBC Radio Bristol and was described as “the song you need to be getting ready to” by presenter Lily-Mae Stubbs. With a series of bizarre and quirky singles, gigs and music videos under their belt, Try Me are set to continue confidently leading their ever-growing fan base in a high energy celebration standing out from the crowd.


Try Me released their single ‘Monologuing’ with HUBB Records on the 31st of August 2020. 

“A Joyus three minutes of catchy, uplifting tight production, soaring melodies and dash of disco-tinged melancholy” The Everyday Magazine. 

“A dreamy, shimmering dance-popcut, ‘Monologuing’ showcases the pair’s penchant for catch disco-infused groove combined with their playful, catchy vocals and buoyant melodies” – Bristol In Stereo