Devon and Bristol-based Selke are the musical child of independent artists Maz McNamara and Esme Storm. Carried by two versatile voices exploring each other in captivating harmony, the English duo weave acapella singing, delicate guitar and playful body percussion into a warm blanket under which to dream. Compelling, metaphor-spun lyricism meets the pair’s combined influences of traditional Folk, Acoustic Jazz and Neo-Soul, to create songs wide-eyed in their observation of life, the intricacies of self and a deep-rooted longing for nature. 


Both vocalists in their own right, they have solo projects in the making and the pair also features vocals for Rooted Collective where they collaborate with South West Hip-Hop producers. Their performance is at times sombre and contemplative; at others, sanguine and experimental. Inviting all souls to rest, play and be remedied, Selke offers gentle refuge from the weight of the fast-paced world.