Reece Bluck

Multi-instrumentalist Reece Bluck creates expansive RnB that packs a punch. Reece’s low slung grooves accompanied by his soulful voice create a unique indie aesthetic.  

Hailing from Devon, Reece moved to Bristol with the sole intention of refining his sound which takes influence from the John Mayer trio. Along with band members Aubrey Simpson and Liam Twohig, Reece’s sound has developed in tandem with his live sets: casting aside traditional song writing techniques in favour of refined catchy loops that draw audiences in with their seductive patterns. 

Reece’s technique of making an ever growing creative bank of musical ideas which he then pulls out to suit his lyrical ideas means that his songs’ emotion always feel true to the concept of the track. With his debut single due for release in 2020 Reece’s music is set to captivate audiences in a blissful simplicity. 


Reece Bluck released his debut single ‘Impartial’ with HUBB Records on the 20th of January 2021. The official music video accompanying the single, was filmed by videographer Alfie Laing and stars professional dancer Gennaro Maffettone.