Olivia Rose

Olivia Rose is a 20 year old singer, songwriter and performer from Bristol. Hosting powerful vocals, soulful melodies and an electric stage presence, she is widely known for her fusion of R&B and Hip Hop, with inspiration from renowned artists IAMDDB, Sade and Lily Allen. Starting her musical venture at the age of 10, she performed at Race for Life for two consecutive years and sold her album to raise money for the cause, enabling an appearance on ITV News. Since then, the UK artist has soared to impressive heights with popular releases such as ‘Side of Me’ and ‘Bad Bitch’ gaining interest from Sony. She has since worked with a number of notorious rappers such as Sam Wise, Rushy and House of Pharaohs. With appearances at London’s E1, Olivia Rose has also written songs with Lorenzo Rsv, 1/9 of London’s NINE8 Collective, featuring other members Lava La Rue and Biig Piig.