Miss Kill

Miss Kill developed their disruptive, bedroom rock sound during 3 AM practice sessions, channelling their Grunge influences. Despite upsetting a few neighbours, Miss Kill continues to make a strong impression on the Bristol Music Scene, taking inspiration from grunge heroes Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Socially dysfunctional sisters Alannah and Felicity Jackson formed Miss Kill at the end of 2017, when they cast aside their acoustic guitars and replaced them with noisy electric riffs and roaring drums. 


The arrival of their debut EP “Love, Loss and Rejection” in 2018 further solidified their reputation on the South West live circuit. Their live shows are a combination of powerful drums and well-engineered guitar-riffs that welcome noisy feedback, whilst Alannah’s impressive vocal range is simultaneously abrasive and emotive. Miss Kill’s recent release “Explain Yourself”, saw them charge into 2020 with impressive thunderous beats and ferocious guitar riffs.