A Little Sound

Singer-songwriter Abigail Kate has established herself in the South West scene as A Little Sound, providing soulful vocals and emotive lyrics for some of DnB and Jungle scenes finest producers. Working hard at her craft, this young artist who is also part of the notorious Born On Road label, has gained over 1 million streams on Spotify. From Bristol’s DnB and jungle producer Gray, with their track ‘Fallen’ to her latest release ‘Lakota’, produced by the popular and evocative drum and bass duo Technimatic. The layered harmonies in her music take the listener down a Drum and Bass rabbit hole to a night A Little Sound can see in her mind’s eye.

Her ability to vocalise emotive and powerful lyrics over a range of styles of Drum and Bass translates to live performance. 

Aside from securing herself sets at venues and festivals across the country, including Boomtown 2019; A Little Sound’s vastly popular online presence is hard to ignore, from covers and DnB live streams on Youtube, to a following of 30k+ fans on video and social networking platform TikTok. A Little Sound is collaborating with HUBB producer Sonic Rain and releasing a track exclusively for Vol.3, so keep an eye out.